What is the advantage of traveling to Mexico vs. other countries for dental tourism?

Published: 11th February 2009
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Many countries around the world are considered top medical tourism destinations. Countries such as Thailand and Brazil are popular international destinations for cosmetic surgery. Many people travel to India for surgical procedures such as hip and knee replacements. Hungary and Costa Rica are also top dental tourism destinations.

Although other destinations offer the opportunity to enjoy a unique dental tourism vacation during your visit, Mexico offers a several advantages to Americans due to its proximity to the United States.

The following outlines the advantages:

• The cost of transportation is significantly cheaper. International flight to countries such as Thailand or India, which are halfway across the world, can be a big dent on the potential dental savings.

• Some dental procedures, such as standard dental implants, cannot be accomplished within one trip. Standard dental implants usually take approximately four months to heal before the dentist can start the corresponding crown work. Similarly, extensive dental work that requires periodontal treatments such as deep cleaning, crown lengthening, and multiple extractions and dentures also requires some healing time. It is impractical for someone to stay months at a time at their international location during the healing process. By going to the Mexico border destinations, dental patients have more flexibility to travel the relatively short distance multiple times as required by their dental treatment plan.

• Dental Laboratories used by Mexican dentist also provide additional value to the quality of work. Most Mexican dental laboratories guarantee their work for 3-5 years, ensuring that the client has the flexibility to travel the relatively short distance if a porcelain crown or veneer breaks after the treatment.

• Dental tourism patients traveling just right across the border in need of extensive surgical procedures, such as multiple extractions or open-flap gum surgery, have the comfort of knowing that the closest U.S. hospital is just minutes away in case emergencies take place. In case of a medical emergency, such as a heart attack during a dental procedure, the client can be picked up right away across the border and taken to a major U.S. hospital on the U.S. side. This extra emergency precaution is not as convenient when you have to travel to a foreign country without similar hospitals.

• Clients can find Mexican dentists right across the border that can speak English. If not, facilities that cater to American dental patients usually have an English-Spanish translator during the dental treatments. Effective communication is critical for any successful dental work.

In conclusion, dentistry in Mexico offers a comparative advantage for Americans seeking a more affordable alternative to the expensive dental care in the U.S. Many Mexican dental facilities offer safe and high-quality dental treatments along with modern technology. As the cost of healthcare in the U.S. enters crisis mode, options such as Mexico dental care will continue to become a welcome relief to many Americans.

What is the advantage of traveling to Mexico vs. other countries for dental tourism?

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